Typically, the traditional style mobile tented safari takes you away from the maddening crowds, and puts you where the wildlife is. Your camp is not permanent, it is set a few hours before you arrive, and will be moved to accommodate you again at the next place. There are no electric fences, no generators, and no elevated wooden boards for your tent. In fact, our private campgrounds are right alongside the path of the wildlife: be it Elephant/s, Hippopotamus, Lions and Hyenas at night. It is this intimate closeness to nature that our valued guests come to enjoy.

Guests are accompanied by a highly experienced, knowledgeable, Botswana licensed professional guide and crew for their entire safari. This ensures continuity, and avoiding the tedious introductions, that you would otherwise do at other set ups. Guests are on the ground for the most part, taking in all of the country’s topography. Imagine the amount of time you need, that you can then have to get into Africa: Her history and future, politics, geography and most importantly the narrations on nature from your guides. Our guides have been in the bush for many years. While their stories can take many weeks to tell, they will regale you with some of their lifetime experiences and encounters on 10 days to a 14 days safari.

Suitable for Small and private Groups

Logistically, mobile safaris can only handle smaller groups. Our emphasis on comfort and high quality limits our vehicle intake to only 7 guests, allowing all to have a window seat. For photography this is important. Guests spend a lot of time in the Cruisers, on game drives and moving days which are long, it is crucial that everyone has enough space around them. It is for this reason that a second cruiser is brought in should we need to accommodate a group above 7.

Suitable for Private Family Groups

Families with smaller children have limited choice when thinking a wildlife trip into Africa. We are happy with children. We specially arrange trips that allow parents to enjoy a holiday here in Botswana, with their children. We have had many memorable trips over the years with many wonderful family groups and look forward to them, all the time. We typically run these trips privately for the families, particularly if the families number from 4-7. Bigger family groups are accommodated with a second safari cruiser and guide.


Royale Wilderness safaris are all private and exclusive. Our safaris are suitable for family groups with children, who by nature just love wild animals. We have family tents that can sleep 4, up to 6 Guests, allowing the parents a lot of comfort in looking after their Children, if needs be at night.

All tents and all the camp work is done by our capable crew, including meals that are cooked over open fire by our bush Chefs, leaving families with a lot of time for wildlife.


Guests are accommodated in spacious dome tents furnished with metal cots, bedrolls with cotton linen and towels, a bedside table, illuminated by a 12v battery powered light at night. All tents are en-suited with open top shower and toilet area, and very safe to use even in the middle of the night. The shower bucket: a collapsible canvas with a shower rose at the bottom hangs from a metal pole or tree branch and is filled a few minutes before. Used sparingly the water is often enough for 2. The toilet is a traditional short drop.


Safaris are run in customized, open Toyota Land Cruisers designed to seat 9 people. For comfort’s sake, we only take 7 guests per Safari Vehicle. All guests have a window seat, and plenty of room to move around, especially when taking pictures. Groups over 7 are accommodated by adding a second game viewing Land Cruiser and another guide. All the game viewing vehicles are built for bush terrain, and are equipped with a 60lt fridge, a spare wheel, a high lift Jack and a 2 way radio, for communication with the camp, as well as the base office in Maun. There is an inverter in every vehicle for charging camera and video batteries.

Professional Camera Mountings

Two of our safari vehicles are kitted with professional Camera mountings and in the process of fitting the other two. Our intention is to provide our guests with all the necessary tools to accommodate all interests including professional photography. All guests with professional camera gear need to inform us in advance during the process of booking their safari. Similarly, guests with lenses 100-400mm and bigger must let us know as they too need the steady camera mountings.


Each safari Land Cruiser is equipped with an inverter that enables guests to charge their batteries during the course of the safari. With good coordination, there is normally no problem with charging Cameras in the evening. Because of the various makes of the chargers, it may not be possible to charge batteries when the vehicles are moving or during your activities. So guests need to make sure they get the guide to plug in their batteries in the evening or middle of the day when the vehicles are stationery.


Meals are served in the dinning tent, with exception of the early morning breakfast which is set next to the fire. Both brunch/lunch and dinners are sit down meals. Brunch is a variety of salads, cold meats, 1 or 2 hot platters, bread and cheeses. Dinner is 3 courses, with the soup being the dominant starter during the colder evenings in June and July.

South African wines are very popular, and are served with all the afternoon meals. Guests have a choice of a local beer, soft drinks, mineral water and a selection of spirits (Whisky, Vodka, Gin & Tonic, Amarula), the only exception being the premium import brands, which we provide at added cost to the Guests. There is a lot of tea and coffee.


Our guides have been the key to the many memorable moments that our guests have taken back home, some guests coming back many years after their first encounter with them, and Africa. When well presented, the environment, the bush, the wildlife and songs the birds sing at dawn, frog choruses fading away to sleep and the visiting guests are one!! Only natural guides make you feel together with nature. We have been privileged in working with some of Africa’s finest.


All the safaris are accompanied by a crew made of a bush chef, camp manager and their respective assistants. They move ahead in a separate vehicle, and set up camp at our private and exclusive camp grounds. The crew undertakes all of the camp duties, making your stay very comfortable. They set up your tents, wake you up in the morning, make your beds for you, prepare your meals, and do your laundry as well. They break down the camp and move it to the next location, and make it ready for you upon your arrival. Their presence in the camp and experience in the bush life adds to another key and important aspect of camping, being safety. Overall, your safari experience is more complete when having all of these camping requirements taken care of for you.


Your day starts around 0530/0600Hrs depending on the time of the season. The crew brings you hot water to freshen up with, before converging at the fire for a light breakfast of Tea, Coffee, cereal, porridge and fruit. You set off for a Game drive after breakfast. Your morning activity ends when there are no animals interesting enough to watch, or belly complaining for food, usually around 1000/1100hrs. After brunch, guests relax, take a nap or write in their journals. The afternoon starts off with high tea at 1530 and the game drive that last till evening time. Dinner is served when all are back in camp around 2000hrs, followed by a night cap by the fire, often full of stories from around the world about the world and the adventures of the day.


Moving days are usually long. You are woken up early in the morning, with your bag/s packed you then have breakfast by the fire. The crew starts dismantling the camp as soon as we leave, and move it to the next place. All that, allows us time to follow the wildlife in the area we woke up from. Leisurely you drift more and more towards your next destination, with a picnic lunch stop along the way, arriving in the late afternoons. Your camp is usually ready upon arrival around 1700hrs. Some parts of the route can be flat with little wildlife, and guests can then listen to their IPods’, or read a book.

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