Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a world wonder. It was coined after Queen Victoria by the early missionary/explorer Dr. David Livingstone. He penned in his Diary “Scenes so beautiful they must be gazed upon by angels in their flight”. This was in the mid 1800’s.

“The smoke that thunders” is the name that the native tribes used for millenniums to describe the mighty falls. Today Victoria Falls is gazed upon by tourists from across the planet, in awe just like the early explorers that passed here more than a century ago.

Best Time to Visit

Vic falls is good to visit anytime of the year. The water is at its peak high in March-April. The spray is fairly heavy about this time but the water covers the bigger length of the falls.

Our Safaris in the Victoria Falls

  • Pioneer stays 2 nights in Victoria Falls
  • Explorer stays 2 nights in Victoria Falls
  • Last Frontier stays 1 night in Victoria Falls
  • Accommodation in Vic Falls

    Royale Wilderness Guests stay at Amadeus Garden Lodge while in Vic Falls. It is a small and cozy lodge closer to the Boma (dining place) where Guests have their last dinner before connecting to go back home.

    Activities in Victoria Falls

  • Visit to see the Water falls
  • Bungee Jumping (one of the highest in the world)
  • Gorge swing
  • Elephant back riding
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Flight over the falls with fixed wing Aircraft/Helicopter/Micro light
  • Walking with Lions
  • Game drives
  • Boat Cruise
  • NB: All activities in Victoria Falls are optional for our Guests.

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